Used Cars Burleson TX – Chronicles

The used car market has been booming in India and how! People are steadily realizing the value of buying quality used cars ahead of paying hefty premiums for newer counterparts which also come with huge duties and taxes. The Government of India has recently imposed an infra cess on cars across all categories with an additional 1% luxury tax on cars priced above INR 10 lakhs. This will soon make cars really costly in addition to rising insurance costs, registration duties and other taxes that are to be paid by buyers.

The entire situation is quite frustrating for most car buyers and hence the latent value and practicality in buying used cars. Buying the right used car will help you enjoy comfort, luxury, driving pleasure and decent features without having to break the bank. You do not have to shell out extra money in the form of duties and taxes. Many used cars also come with taxes and insurance paid for quite a few years which is even more beneficial for you. Visit this site to learn more about the Used Cars Burleson TX.

Maruti Suzuki Alto- There is no better time to buy a used Alto than now! There is ample choice available in the market including several K10 variants that offer better driving experiences. India’s largest selling car is one of the best choices for first time used car buyers owing to its reliability, time tested performance, great fuel economy and dirt cheap maintenance and servicing costs.

Honda City- The Honda City continued to dominate the mid-segment sedan category in the used car market and you should consider buying this car for the sheer value proposition, immensely affordable prices, relatively cheaper maintenance and running costs, frugal engine, luxurious interiors, good features and compelling design.

Hyundai i20- This is another top seller that should definitely be considered. You can easily land a luxurious and feature packed i20 between INR 3.5-5 lakhs if you’re looking for ones that come loaded with all creature comforts and luxuries. This car also offers unmatched driving flair, a powerful and peppy engine and excellent interior space.

Renault Duster- This is one of those SUVs that you should snap up without a second thought. Usually available between INR 5.5-8 lakhs in the used car market, the Duster is synonymous with rugged off-roading ability, reliability, good interior space, reasonable fuel economy and maintenance costs, unmatched brand value and of course, its sheer handsomeness above all else!

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire- This is the universal compact sedan of choice for most used car buyers in the country, mainly for its time tested reliability, performance, fuel economy, decent interior space and driving pleasure. This is easier to drive and maintain and has created a distinct brand image of its own. There are several other options in this category including the Honda Amaze or even the Indigo eCS should you want to explore more.